I Exist On The Internet

I Exist On The Internet, 2019

In this new single channel video work, commissioned by Vivid Projects, Ambie Drew utilises her internet conceived alter ego to examine a fragmented existence in the synthetic digital realm.

Email [email protected] for a link to watch ‘I Exist On The Internet’

Vivid Projects is pleased to present VAGUE BUT EXCITING, an exhibition of ten artists and collectives responding to the 30th anniversary of a revolutionary concept: the World Wide Web.

In 1989, British scientist Tim Berners-Lee conceptualised the World Wide Web (WWW) whilst working at CERN. His paper ’Information Management: A Proposal’, noted as ‘vague but exciting’ by his manager, initially sought to create a distributed information system for scientists. The proposal to use the internet to link one document directly to another expanded to become a universal and free ‘information space’ to share, communicate and collaborate: the World Wide Web. Berners-Lee’s invention came during a revolutionary wave of successful civil resistance across Europe. Thirty years on, the web’s inventor has called for the fight to create a better web.

The exhibition includes new commissions and recent works exploring the origins, structures and consequences of the web using digital media, performance, live streaming and installations.

Vivid Projects