Left to right: Plastic Soup, Cute Consumption and Angel Delight

Commissioned by Stryx Gallery for the [email protected] residency, Objects of Desire explores the materials, tools and objects that begin to materialise and assemble Ambie Drew.  The body and the home becomes a site and a home for these foreign objects to reside.

I documented these objects to create a catalogue of images and text that actualise and manifest Ambie Drew. Exploring the space in-between her existence in the home studio – how do we inhabit a space? How do we tease out the meaning of materials and objects? How do we design ourselves and our spaces?

“From 1/6/2020 – 30/10/2020 we are running our ambitious programme ‘[email protected],’ designed for 22 artists included in Stryx’s pre-Covid19 programme and showcasing the diversity of artistic practices in the West Midlands. The artists will have 1 week each to make work and present it online. This will include an artist talk, home studio sessions and a community workshop that everyone will be able to join from the comfort of their own home.”