cold bodies
soft machines

My practice explores consumerism, gender and identity. How do we explore through our ‘digital selves’ online? How do we fabricate our online personas in reality? How do you exist? I examine this through the construction of my alter ego, Ambie Drew, a product of internet culture and algorithms in combination with neural wifi and factual fragments. Her sole existence is to consume, produce and glitch.

My work is multi-disciplinary, with a focus in film and text. Often taking form as a series of short, looping, experimental films that are presented as multi-screen installations. Exploring ideas around artificial intelligence, digital anthropology and physical being to create a fluid overlap between fantasy and reality. Analysing the consumption between bodies of plastic, data and flesh to capture the visceral and grotesque nature of the human condition.

Neural Wifi: How humans are in sync with each other not only in physical movement, but emotional state, intentions and rhythms.

Factual Fragments: coined by sociologist, David Lyon, links how our internet search histories, social media habits and modes of online communication exposes our innermost thoughts, anxieties, plans, desires and goals.

Extra Ordinary People
Black Hole Club


Lives and works in Worcester, UK
2018, BA (Hons) Fine Art
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